About The Shindig

Seems like the place Mal would frequent, no? Okay Jayne at least!

Welcome to The Shindig!

We are now integrated with Firefly Online Forum, the place for Firefly Online players to get up-to-the-minute news, info and announcements, and constant discussions with the development team, as well as the complete Firefly Online Website community.

The Shindig facilitates the formation of private or public groups to support the Firefly Online gaming experience. We understand players will ultimately require a place to create crew / trade groups or guilds and you can do so on The Shindig with support for your own forum (please remember to set forum option to private or hidden should you not wish it to be public, otherwise please contact an Admin on Firefly Online Forum to have this changed for you).

The Shindig will also be a publisher of various Firefly Online related news and content and is the community site for the Firefly Online Website (FFOW) ‘verse. Our ‘Verse, the wiki home is a library of game and player related information from profiles of ships and captains, to detailed celestial maps and trade routes.  Looking for some live community interaction try out “Waves” our live online chat or our TeamSpeak server for development Q&A’s, Firefly discussions and numerous weekly events for members to enjoy.  To be part of our community experience just join the FFOW Forum, the dock for you boat and a great place to launch your exploration of the ‘Verse.  And if you have not yet done so, make a hard burn over to the Serenity Valley Smugglers Association on Facebook and join us your fellow Captains in the Black.

Above all, please enjoy your visit and have a great Firefly experience!  Keep flying! 谢谢!

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If you’d like to contact us please leave a post in our Firefly Online Forum, it is monitored by our staff regularly.