Shindig Guide

Guide on how to navigate throughout The Shindig

Hello traveller! Glad you found The Shindig, let me show you around.

To go back to the Homepage at any time, simply click on the Firefly Shindig logo.

As you would have noticed there is a side panel to the left of your screen (for Mobile version it’s a straight scroll down).

On the top right corner you can see the Cortex News:
— This is where The Shindig will share with you any interesting things happening in the verse
— This will (most likely) include all major official updates as well as The Shindig announcements
— Any polls or events will be posted in this section

Below the Cortex News is My Groups.  This is where you can find a quick easy link to the page of any groups you’ve joined.

Going right back to the top of the page you can see the head menu bar, and they are:
— Register and Log in
— Shindig Social, logs everything that is happening in The Shindig
— Groups, search for private groups here. Your Captain should have added you as a friend and is able to send you an invite
— Members, find your fellow travellers here
— FFO Forum, for discussions, jobs, and trading with fellow captains
— FFO Chat for having conversation with others who are also currently visiting The Shindig.
— Firefly News, news regarding the Firefly world
— Shindig News, news regarding The Shindig
— Shindig Guide, this page!

We hope you will have a smooth journey, please feel free to provide feedback in the Suggestions page in the forum.

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